Welcome to visit some of our Castles around lake Mälaren!

Mälarslott is a collection of palaces around Lake Mälaren, that are open to visitors. They all receive groups, and most of them also receive individual visitors. These residences can all be reached by boat - the most common means of transportation in the time when they where built. Here are palaces with immence cultural treasures, royal palaces, private castles, palaces that serve as a hotel or as a museum. The span, from Stockholm in the East to Strömsholm in the West, is approximatly 150 kilometers. Welcome to a palace tour!

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Sundbyholm Västerås Strömsholm
Fiholm Mälsåker Grönsö Engsö
Rosersberg Rosersberg
Taxinge-Näsby Gripsholm Fiholm Sundbyholm
Ekebyhov Taxinge-Näsby

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